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Fresh summer squash and zucchiniFresh peas from the farm
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Below is information about our produce and other goods. The green bars indicate when various market items are seasonally available. Tip: Click any title for nutritional and other information.

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All produce sold here is grown here. As the seasons change, our produce availability varies.












 Berries (4 varieties)












   Wild Maine Blueberries







 Corn (Sweet Corn)

 Cucumbers (2 varieties)









   Pickling Cucumbers

   Slicing Cucumbers



 Green Beans

 Green Shallots

 Greens (10 varieties)









   Beet Greens

   Chinese Cabbage

   Collard Greens

   Curly Leaf Kale

   Dandelion Greens

   Lacinata Kale

   Ruby Red Chard

   Shore Greens


   Swish Chard

 Herbs (5 varieties)
















 Lettuce (5 varieties)










   Green Leaf

   Head Lettuce

   Red Leaf


 Melons (2 varieties)











 Onions (3 varieties)









   Red Onions

   Sweet Walla-Walla Onions

   White Onions

 Pak Choi


 Peppers (4 varieties)












   Sweet Green



 Radish (2 varieties)















 Squash (11 varieties)









   Acorn Squash

   Amber Cup Squash

   Buttercup Squash

   Butternut Squash

   Delekata Squash

   Dumpling Squash

   Hubbard Squash

   Kabocha Squash

   Koosa Squash

   Lakota Squash

   Summer Squash

 Tomatoes (4 varieties)









   Cherry Tomatoes

   Grape Tomatoes

   Greenhouse Tomatoes

   Roma Tomatoes

 Turnips (Purple Top Turnip)











   Apple Cider


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Produce | Bakery | Greenhouse

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All of our baked goods are produced with natural ingredients and shortening alternatives. The flour we use is white-whole wheat, thereby remaining unbleached. Since becoming incorporated into the market, our bakery has more than doubled in size and output. We now produce and sell a wide variety of baked goods.

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Produce | Bakery | Greenhouse

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Many of our greenhouse flowers were initially provided by my brother Kevin who owned a greenhouse in Nobleboro. However, we now grow all of our own flowers. Even our flower varieties change seasonally; from hanging baskets of beautiful petunias, potted herbs, and countless perennials in the spring and summer to thousands of chrysanthemums and asters in the fall.

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Quality produce direct from the farm


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