Beth's To Go Services

Beth's Farm Market is proud to begin offering To Go services: on-farm pickup and delivery. For both To Go options, orders can be placed online (using the "Shop now!" button below), by text, or by phone at 207-975-6776. 


There is a $20 minimum order for Beth's To Go services. 

For both pickup and delivery, orders must be placed no later than the day before. Order cutoff is at 10pm for online ordering and 6pm for phone ordering. 


For pickup, place your order online (or by phone) and specify pickup. There are two pick-up times per day, from 10am-1pm and 2pm-6pm. When you place your order online, you can specify your pickup time, and we ask that it be within one of these windows. If not, we will call to arrange a different time. We will happily bring your order to your car, but at this time we cannot load the car for you. We will call for payment once the order is packed, and payment can be completed via credit card. Check can also be accepted for pickup orders at the time of pickup. Sorry, at this time we cannot accept cash for pickup orders.


For delivery,  all deliveries are handled by Midcoast2go. All orders will be delivered between 3:00-6:00pm. (The online order system requires that customer's select a delivery time, but we cannot deliver outside of the 3:00-6:00pm window). We will pack the order and then call for payment via credit card. Delivery is available within 35 miles from the store, and delivery fees vary between $5-$20 ($20 is reflected on the online order system, but it may be lower). The delivery fee is set by Midcoast2go; please contact them for a specific quote at 207-542-1744. Delivery fees must be paid directly to the driver at the time of delivery via credit card or cash. 

Please note, since we harvest all our product fresh, we cannot guarantee the availability of any item. At times, when packing the order we will be out of certain items and will remove them from the order. 

At times, online ordering may be unavailable - this means we have reached the maximum amount of orders we can fulfill. 


In order to protect our customers and practice social distancing, we are offering these services as new shopping options for the 2020 season. As we embark upon this new way of serving the public, please provide your feedback about how we can improve this process. 

Of course, the market is still open if you wish to visit us in-person. 

Contact us at 207-273-3695 
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